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Behavioral Consulting and Coaching

We offer consulting and coaching services for families who need help addressing and reducing behavioral challenges at home or the community  

*Consulting and Coaching services may not be covered by insurance

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Consulting and Coaching services

Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)

Conducted by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), an FBA involves an initial interview with the parents to gather initial information about the behaviors of concern and planned observations in the settings where they are most likely to occur. A behavior intervention plan (BIP) with strategies to prevent and reduce the behaviors of concern is created and then reviewed with the parents before it's implemented.

Consulting and coaching sessions

After a behavior intervention plan is created, the BCBA will periodically provide coaching and consulting sessions to the parents to guide with the implementation of the plan.  Coaching may consist of the BCBA observing the parents implement the BIP and provide feedback or working directly with the child in order to model interventions from the BIP. Consulting sessions are parent-BCBA meetings to discuss progress, modifications to the plan, new challenges among others.  

Potty training

The BCBA and parents determine the child's readiness to be potty trained and collaboratively design a potty training plan to fit the family needs and values.  Potty training is parent implemented but coached by the BCBA to ensure proper plan implementation and success.

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