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Our Approach to ABA Therapy

Our family-focused ABA therapy program shines through team collaboration, data driven care, and the highest possible standards to address the individualized needs of your child.

Why Shaping Steps ABA?

  • Small agency founded, operated, and directed by a BCBA 

  • Confident, skilled, certified, and licensed clinicians trained and mentored by our founder

  • Effective and consistent team collaboration that leads to desirable patient outcomes 

  • We consider caregivers as part of the therapy team and value their unique perspective

  • Our success is measured by our patients achievements


To ensure that every child we treat feels valued and develops long-lasting and meaningful life-changing skills through our excellent, consistent and effective ABA therapy services


To provide Consistent and Effective ABA Therapy services delivered by Confident clinical teams that actively Collaborate, Communicate and seek Knowledge through education and training


We Respect and Appreciate ourselves, our team and our patients.

We care and focus on everybody's Wellness

We seek Knowledge to achieve Confidence with our skills

We involve team Collaboration in everything we do

We Communicate with Integrity because it's the right thing to do

What is ABA Therapy? Click below to learn more

Do you have any questions? Would you like to learn more about us? We'd love to hear from you!


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