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In-Home ABA Therapy

In-Home ABA therapy

We offer comprehensive and focused in-home ABA Therapy services to children from the time of receiving their autism diagnosis until they are 10 years old. 

Serving Austin Texas

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Our In-Home ABA Therapy includes

1:1 In-Home ABA Therapy

A Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) and sometimes a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) come to your home on a designated schedule to work with your child. The BCBA supervises some sessions and provides parent and caregiver collaboration sessions.

Family Collaboration

When we say our approach is family-focused we mean caregivers are part of the therapy team.  We involve caregivers and families in every step of the way through collaboration sessions.  No one knows the patients better than their loved ones, therefore we seek caregivers' opinion and input when developing treatment and behavior reduction goals and also provide education and training to ensure they are able to implement the treatment plan outside of therapy sessions. 


The BCBA will come to your home to conduct the initial assessment of your child's skills and interfering behaviors as well as overall family needs and parent/caregiver education needs. Reassessments will be conducted typically every 6 months.


The BCBA will use the information obtained during the initial assessment to develop an individualized treatment plan (ITP) with goals for your child and parent education and a behavior intervention plan (BIP).  After each reassessment, the ITP and BIP are updated to indicate goals mastered and next goals to address.

Verbal Behavior

Through the use of reinforcement, prompting and shaping strategies we will focus on strengthening and developing the Verbal Behavior (language) and communication skills of your child to provide them with more control of their environment and promote more effective social interactions.

Daily living skills

We will teach important adaptive skills needed for your child to become more independent in different environments. With the use of reinforcement, prompting, shaping, chaining, and imitation strategies we will teach your child new and improve existing age appropriate daily living skills such as self-feeding, toileting, self-dressing and undressing, tooth brushing, among others. 

Social skills

Developing meaningful and healthy social relationships is crucial for anyone's quality of life.  We will use reinforcement and pairing strategies to help your child develop age appropriate play/leisure skills and create motivation for social reinforcement.  Having an effective verbal behavior skill set and a variety of age appropriate play/leisure activities will give your child the tools needed to develop meaningful social relationships with family and friends.   

Interfering Behavior Reduction

The BIP will include specific strategies to prevent and reduce behaviors interfering with learning, socializing, and adapting to the environment. Some behaviors such as stereotypy, inappropriate vocalizations, aggression towards others or self, or those that put others or self in danger are considered interfering behaviors. We will use different reinforcement strategies to teach your child appropriate behaviors to replace identified interfering behaviors thus reducing and oftentimes eliminating the later.

Let's start Shaping Steps

Step 1

Start by filling out the pre-enrollment form and complete the enrollment process.

Step 2

The Initial assessment is completed and the ITP and BIP are developed.

Step 3

A schedule for services is determined between you and the clinical team

Step 4

A therapist(s) is assigned to your family

Step 5

Therapy begins!

Do you have any questions? Would you like to learn more about us? We'd love to hear from you!


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